The ZB free clinics and low income supplemented services are currently offered out of pocket.  In order to continuing to do this work, donations are incredibly appreciated.

Donations go toward funding the following projects:

>Skid Row Free Clinic:  Funding goes toward herbal tinctures, glycerites, oils, labels, dispensing bottles, teas, powders

>HMVDB (Herbal Medicine Video Database):  Funding goes toward equipment, travel costs, paying for editing, time, labor

>Cypress Park Sliding Scale Herb Clinic:  Funding goes toward covering cost loss for those who are unable to pay for the services and or to compensate for time and materials for no-low income individuals who visit.

>Herbal products used weekly in the free foot clinic in Skid Row:  Funding goes toward providing the cost of making the ZB house made foot creams, antifungal vinegar sprays for dispensing, foot scrubs, herbal antiseptic spritz, herbal foot powder, and herbal tea we provide clients during their service.

To make a one time donation:


For a reoccuring monthly donation: