Foot Care

    In addition to herbalism, I volunteer weekly doing medical foot care for the underserved or those who have very little access to resources.  I have been volunteering foot care services weekly over the last two years at the LA Catholic Workers foot care day located in the Skid Row community.  The LACW have been running a hospitality kitchen (aka Hippie Kitchen) there since the early 70's. The work they do, the meals they serve, the political action they stand for, and their brave acts of selflessness to rise up and hold ground for the injustices of this country never cease to inspire and amaze me.  I was first introduced there by Herbalista Lorna Mauney-Brodek on one of her traveling teaching trips that brought her through L.A (Lorna is also one of my herb/foot teachers).   

    I am currently in nail technician school, once that is complete, I go on to get certified as a medical nail technician.  I have been studying under foot nurse Laura Roehrick over the past year, learning and training with these burs and bits pictured above here.

    Foot nurse Laura Roehrick discussing her foot care kit at her project Street Feet in Santa Rosa, CA

    Foot nurse Laura Roehrick discussing her foot care kit at Street Feet.  Street Feet is a free foot clinic she founded and organizes held monthly in the parking lot of a soup kitchen located in Santa Rosa, CA

    Currently the herbal products offered during foot care day are provided out of pocket.  If you would like to donate a bottle of foot cream, foot spray, herbal antiseptic spray, or salve packs, please click here to view the collection.  All items are directly donated to the foot care day and used in the weekly clinic. The folks who visit our foot care day love the herbal care we provide.  Your donations are deeply appreciated and make this work possible.  

    Below are some examples of the work I do during foot care day.

    For more info on my foot care mentors/teachers work (which I highly recommend)

    Foor Nurse Extraordinaire Laura Roehrick

    Lorna Mauney-Brodek & the Herbalista Health Network