Street Feet L.A.

Street Feet L.A.

Street Feet L.A. is a free mobile foot care service held in different locations around the downtown Los Angeles Skid Row community.  The two main locations are the Star Apartments located in Skid Row and a street location in the neighborhood near Crocker St.  These services include both herbal and conventional therapies, and offer preventative foot care for those experiencing chronic health problems.  With an ever growing rate of diabetes, comes the battle of preventing diabetic foot ulcers that can cause foot amputations.  Proper foot care and self-care education is crucial to preventing these circumstances for individuals.  This project is made possible through the Skid Row Housing Trust and is offered at the Star Apartments once monthly.  The Star Apartments are a 100 unit apartment building located in Skid Row that houses formerly homeless individuals with chronic health problems and has a full-service medical clinic serving those who live there.
Donations are still needed to pay for the initial setup of these services.  This includes purchasing an autoclave, a collapsible waterproof sign, medical supply, topicals for dispensing, and an electric foot file with burs and bits.  To make a donation click here.


More on foot care and the team:

Abbe Findley is a clinical herbalist and CNT (Certified Nail Technician) soon to be Medical Nail Technician who has been doing foot care for the last 2.5 years in the Skid Row community.  She first fell into foot care when a friend and mentor, Lorna Mauney-Brodek took her to the LA Catholic Worker Foot Care Friday.  Since then she has been regularly involved in volunteering these foot care services for the homeless.  Her studies include a three-month apprenticeship with the Herbalista Health Network where she volunteered weekly at the Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic in Atlanta, GA.  In addition, ongoing mentorship under Certified Foot Care Nurse Laura Roehrick of Santa Rosa, CA for last few years.

Josie Mattson (R.N.)

Josie Mattson has been a registered nurse and public health nurse for ten years.  Since 2015 she has worked as a community outreach nurse, first as a member of C3, the interdisciplinary outreach team in Skid Row, and currently as the RN of the Star Clinic, a primary care facility serving those experiencing homelessness and in supportive housing.  In the clinic, Josie specializes in wound and foot care, and case management for vulnerable patients moving into housing. 


Foot nurse Laura Roehrick discussing her foot care kit at her project Street Feet in Santa Rosa, CA

Foot nurse Laura Roehrick (my mentor) discussing her foot care kit at Street Feet.  Street Feet Santa Rosa is a free foot clinic she founded and organizes held monthly in the parking lot of a soup kitchen located in Santa Rosa, CA.  She has been specializing in foot care for the last 25 years and is a master at the high speed foot drill techniques.

Below are some examples of the work I do during foot care day.

For more info on my foot care mentors/teachers work (which I highly recommend)

Foor Nurse Extraordinaire Laura Roehrick

Lorna Mauney-Brodek & the Herbalista Health Network