Handouts & Resource List

A list of resources for medical outreach, first-aid, sourcing herbal medicines, online education, and more.


7Song, First-Aid Handouts

Adult & Pediatric First-Aid/CPR/AED Certification

Herbalista, First-Aid Handouts

Mental Health First-Aid (free 1 day (8hr) class training on mental health and substance abuse crisis)

NOLS Wildnerness First-Aid courses

Foot Care

Free 2-Week Online Course on Comprehensive Management of the Neuropathic Foot, LEAP (Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention)

Herbalista, Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic Manual

Herbalista, Herbal Foot Care

Herbalista, Herbal Foot Care for Hardworking Feet

Roehrick Method, free online video tutorials on high speed foot drill techniques by foot nurse extroadinarie Laura Roehrick, Santa Rosa, CA

Harm Reduction

Experience from the Front Lines:  H.E.A.L.T.H. at the Needle Exchange, Donna Odierna

HAMS:  Harm Reduction for Alcohol

Harm Reduction Coalition

Opportunities for Opioid Safety and Community-Based Overdose Management

Local Los Angeles Herbalists, Supplies, and Community Outreach Opportunities

General Bottle Supply

Julie James, Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, classes/workshops, Long Beach, CA

L.A. Fire Department CERT Training (free 1x wk for 7-week course in varying locations across L.A., become a part of the Community Emergency Responder Team

L.A. Works, Los Angeles Volunteer Opportunities

Rebecca Altman, Kings Road Apothecary (products, classes, writing, and consultations)

Remet Alcohol

Los Angeles Healthcare Resource List

Skid Row Neighborhood (COMING SOON!)

Northeast L.A. Neighborhood (COMING SOON!)

Patient Handouts

7Song, A Patient's Guide to Common Herbal Medicines

7Song, A Patient's Guide to Understand Herbal Medicines

Herbalista, Anti-Inflammatory Handout

Herbalista, Pre-Post Operative Support 

Herbalista, Taking Your Herbs 

Sourcing Herbs

Black Locust Gardens, fresh and dry herbs, Ann Arbor, MI

Friends of the Trees, fresh and dry herbs, Pacific Northwest

Michael Cottingham, Voyage Botanica, freshly wildcrafted Southwest medicinals

Mountain Rose Herbs

Pacific Botanicals, fresh and dry herbs, Pacific Northwest

Sean Croke, Understory Apothecary, freshly wildcrafted Pacific Northwest medicinals

Zach Woods Herb Farm, fresh and dry herbs, Vermont


Botanical Medicine Resource List (includes links to books, pdf's, schools, and websites)