Clinical Herbalism Approach

The ZB approach to clinical herbalism:

One of my favorite aspects of being an herbalist is working one on one with individuals.  It is a great way to see what particular herbs help certain conditions, have a deeper understanding of the plants actions, and witness first hand herbs helping individuals with their health concerns.  My approach to practicing herbal medicine is rooted through a scientific medical lens.  My practice isn't rooted in TCM or Ayurvedic but more so through the lens of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology in tandem with plant medicine and the phytochemicals they contain.  I am pro-modern medicine, and while it has its imperfections, as does any modality, there are benefits to it that I as an herbalist do not have access to.  Such as tests, blood work, and more advanced diagnostics with particular conditions.  I work with nurses and doctors and have really come to appreciate having them as backup for questions when I am working with someone and need to bounce an idea or concern off of them.  In addition, I meet plenty of nurses and doctors who are very interested in herbal medicine, and I interested in their practice as well.  While at times we may have different approaches, I have found that through respect and curiosity we can work together to build bridges and share skills so that ultimately people receive the best and least harmful care available.  People sometimes ask me if I go to the doctor, and the answer is yes, if it feels necessary.  As I have mentioned before, herbal medicine is "a way" but it isn't "the way",  there are plenty of medical and healing modalities, and everyone is so vastly different that they really come to find healing in or from a variety of them.  I personally love the plant kingdom, and enjoy being in nature learning about the plants, and gathering them to use in my practice.  In addition, I am an artist, so I love making things.  And I care about humanity, I believe in treating people with dignity wherever they are at in their life.  Herbal medicine is as much a medicine for myself as it is for the people I share it with. And I believe in a way, that most healthcare practitioners, whatever their modality be, have probably found some kind of peace within that skill of care they choose share and dedicate with, for, and to others.  

Currently I run two clinics, one out of my studio in Cypress Park that is sliding scale, and the other is a free monthly clinic located in downtown L.A.'s Skid Row community.  For more information see Cypress Park Sliding Scale Clinic or Skid Row Free Clinic.