On Wildcrafting

A list of useful and pertinent writings on the skill and tradition of wildcrafting. Please practice and share the knowledge of this skill with respect, stewardship, and consideration for the whole ecology, planet, plants, animals, fungi, insects, histories, and all people who we share this space with here on Planet Earth.  In addition, I ask you to consider this information you are able to access in this video archive as a gift and a treasure that must be protected and treated with reverence and gratitude for the wisdom that has been passed down through the oral tradition for many decades by the many wonderful herbalists' who generously share this knowledge here in this space.  The mission of this database is to share and document the history of this oral tradition, so please use the information responsibly and to help those in your community or to simply enjoy and get to know the plants growing around you.  Just remember, the plant and fungi kingdoms are not a buffet.

Wildcrafting for Beginners by Howie Brounstein

Wildcrafting for the Practicing Herbalist by 7Song

Herbalism in an Age of Mass Extinction, Part Two:  Ecologically Minded Practice by Janet Kent 

Wildcrafting Log by Herbalista Health Network

United Plant Saver's Species At-Risk