Herbal Consultation via Skype

Herbal Consultation via Skype

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Once I receive your payment and order for the consultation via Skype, I will email you or call to set up an appointment.  Please provide your phone number and email during checkout.

An initial consultation lasts between 1-2 hours, during a session we will discuss your health concerns system by system to begin the process finding herbs to support these disruptions. Follow-ups are recommended every 3-5 weeks and payments can be made at a sliding scale.

Zizia utilizes a sliding scale model for these services, with the thought being if you have a little extra, pay a little extra, if you are really struggling to make ends meet, pay a little less and or discuss with me a payment option.  

Individuals can pay anywhere on the sliding scale of $50-$150.

*Please thoroughly read the suggested payments based on your current financial status and pay what you can.  By paying a little extra if you have it, it helps to make these services possible by supplementing lost cost when individuals cannot afford to pay these services in full as well as supporting the Skid Row free clinic work.  Thank you for your consideration.  

What to expect during a consultation?  

A consultation primarily consists of a one-on-one discussion about you and issues you may be experiencing with your health.  If you are taking any medications, please bring a list.  After we discuss herbal, lifestyle, and dietary changes that may help to improve these disruptions I will prepare a custom formula based around what we discuss that will specifically be tailored to you and your personal constitution.  

Please write to me if you have any questions or concerns in regard to booking a consultation.  ziziabotanicals@gmail.com