Honey Cypress Cleansing Scrub

Honey Cypress Cleansing Scrub

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This blend of honey, sugar, fresh calendula infused oils, and wildcrafted Arizona Cypress can be used as a face and or body cleansing scrub for daily use or as needed.  Test a small amount before applying to your entire body as to ensure it is a good fit for your skin type.  It is truly an aromatic delight.  I recommend this as step 1 in the face care routine followed by the Mallow Face Toner and Gotu Kola Carrot Face Oil. 

Ingredients:  Organic Sugar, Honey, Apricot oil, Jojoba oil, Calendula (Calendula officinalis), Wildcrafted Arizona Cypress (Cuppressus arizonica), essential oil of Cypress, Vitamin E

To use:  Apply a quarter size amount to hands and use to massage onto face/body.  Notice it is rather thick at first but as you apply it,  slowly it will dissolve into the skin.  You can allow it to sit a few minutes as a mask, or immediately wash off.


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