Puff Nix Best (Smoking Cessation) Kit

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A kit to support those who wanna toke ‘n puff less to quit it.  This kit aims to support the nervous and respiratory system as well as offer a few alternatives for the oral fixation factor.   Like a wildcrafted smoking blend, and Astragalus sticks to chew on for cravings (+ they may support immunity).  Kit includes a 4 oz Puff Nix Formula (~4 week supply) to take 2-3x daily that will nourish the nervous system, fend off cravings, and support respiratory health.  This isn’t a cure all for your habit but using it in conjunction with the will to quit and other personal and lifestyle changes it may offer a slice of help.   I find it can be a really incredible tool for people to have in their hands for support while going through this change.  It ain’t easy, and as a harm reduction herbalist I want to find ways to support those who may be struggling with addictions or just wannnnna quit it.  Puff Nix It.  Power to YOU. 

Kit includes:

4 oz Puff Nix Tincture (Milky Oats, Elecampane, Yerba Santa, Blue Vervain, Passionflower, Lobelia, and Licorice)

4oz Jar of White Sage Yerba Santa Smoke Blend (Red Raspberry, Manzanita, Yerba Santa, White Sage)

A small bag containing Astragalus sticks to chew on for the oral fixation factor and for cravings  

For the price of ~6 packs of cigs you can start your journey to quit now, plus refills are available for the 4oz Puff Nix Tinc ($40/bottle) and or any of the other goods included.  


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