I’m Abbe Findley, a practicing herbalist, wildcrafter, botanist, medicine-maker, soon-to-be medical nail technician, and artist based in Los Angeles. I was born and raised on a farm in rural Missouri and left to attend art school in Kansas City where I focused my practice on watercolor and photography. My life consists of bouncing and balancing my two passions, art and herbalism. My main focus in practicing herbal medicine is to help those within my community through affordable and accessible herbal care, to empower individuals to find herbs that offer support to their health patterns and conditions, and the direct action of making herbal medicine available to all walks of life using a harm reduction approach. Herbal medicine is not "the way", it is a way. I respect all modalities of medicine and see herbalism as one option within a multitude of possible treatment options. My practice as a Western herbalist is rooted through a scientific lens in combination with personal experience and knowledge gleaned from various teachers.

My experience and knowledge as a clinical herbalist come from the array of incredible herbalists/nurses I have had the pleasure of apprenticing, studying, and working with. Many of them continue to offer mentorship to me as my scope of being an herbal practitioner expands and grows. My education and mentorship include the following:

7Song (six month CHI intensive, 6 month clinical apprenticeship in the Ithaca Free Clinic, continual mentorship discussing cases, medicine making, and clinical herbalism), Ithaca, NY, 7song.com

Lorna Mauney Brodek (3 month apprenticeship, continual mentorship in clinical herbalism discussing free mobile clinics, medicine making, foot care, and case studies), Atlanta, GA, herbalista.org

Rebecca Altman (current apothekar at Kings Road Apothecary, a small herbal product line that utilizes wildcrafted SoCal medicinal plants), Los Angeles, CA, kingsroadapothecary.com

Michael Cottingham (Voyage Botanica 10-Month Field Program, continual mentorship in materia medica and application of Southwest medicinal plants), Silver City, NM

Laura Roehrick, RN, Certified Foot Nurse (continual mentorship and shadowing in medical foot care with an emphasis on foot drill techniques and diabetic foot care), Santa Rosa, CA

I currently run a sliding scale clinic here in Los Angeles and volunteer on Skid Row at at Foot Care Friday facilitated by the L.A. Catholic Workers. In addition to that, Zizia Botanical's Free Monthly Mobile Herb Clinic offers herbal care to the Skid Row Community once a month, (modeled after the mobile free clinics run by Lorna Mauney-Brodek (Herbalista) and 7Song's pop-up first-aid stations and overall approach to accessible/affordable herbal medicine. The Herbal Medicine Video Database is another branch of Zizia’s educational endeavors. This is a database of videos showing medicinal plants in their habitats around the country and herbalists working with those plants in their practice. Videos coming very soon!

Please cruise the website and contact me if you have any questions.